Emotional or psychological health in chronic illness

Posted On Jul 23, 2022 |

Chronic illness is the condition of disease, when it's not possible to reverse the previous position of the patient, free from any ailment. An individual therapist or a support group can help patients deal with the stress, pain, and fatigue that may accompany a chronic illness. Signals that patients are less able to cope include disturbed sleep, body aches and anxiety. It is best to seek help as early as possible.

Factors affecting the emotional or psychological health in chronic illness:

1. Fear of separation: Chronic illness is really a very complex situation for the patient as well as for the doctors. It's very natural to have a feeling of separation from our loved ones, because we are human beings not machines. To overcome this feeling is to realise and to adopt appropriate treatment to minimize the sense of any loss of life. One should know that life is not forever, but one can make it large rather than long.

2. Degree of freedom: As one came to know about any chronic illness, one has started feeling about the limitation cap on the freedom to eat, roam and working capacity. Practically it's a change in mindset for a short period of time. Eating could make interesting within the prescribed boundary. Roaming anywhere is possible if the patient arrange the requirements in advance. Working could be possible if the patient manages the treatment according to office hours. In case of kidney patients, nocturnal dialysis is becoming common among the working class, in which they can avail the facility at night at the dialysis centre. Small efforts from patients and family members can definitely eradicate the factors responsible for psychological health depletion.

3. Overlapping of same problem: In case of kidney failure, common issues faced by dialysis patients takes place. Increase in blood urea levels can lead to psychological health depletion. Increase in potassium and sodium levels may lead to heart issues followed by anxiety and depression. It could be managed by proper awareness of diet and medication easily.

4. Comparison with peer group: It's fair enough to understand that chronic illness can affect your working ability effectively. When we fall in any chronic illness situation like kidney disease, after certain time alongwith treatment and several complications, we find us not up to the mark to achieve success at every step as our peer group is achieving. This psychological condition starts comparison with peer group, and lead to severe depression state. We should realise that health is wealth, unless until having a sound health no one can give desired output.

A sense of compromise arises at every step of the situation. As early as possible, it's good for psychological health to realise that you are facing a serious trouble, so do not spare your time in thinking silly issues. Make sure that no one is important for your family except YOU.

5. Uncertainty of the future: Future is always full of uncertainty for everyone on this earth. But chronic illness make it little predictable regarding complications of the disease. It could lead to fall in courage and rise in psychological issues like Hopelessness, Anger, irritating attitude and loneliness.

Meditation and reading encouraging literature alongwith continuous communication with people facing similar issues can bring a drastic and positive change in approach of living a quality life.

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