How to take care AV Fistula for dialysis ?

Posted On May 06, 2022 |

Know the right steps to take care of your fistula

AV Fistula is the access place for hemodialysis, usually on the hand/arm either on right or left hand, where two needles get inserted to draw and bring back the purified blood into the body.

Generally a plastic surgeon perform the surgery.

It takes around one month, after surgery, to get a function fistula.

Till then, dialysis takes place through neck or leg and that is annoying and sometimes painful.

It is very important for dialysis patients to take care of fistula to live longer.

How we can take care and make it functional for long time:

* Always keep the area clean with good soap, normally we use at home.

* Do regular exercise for keeping fistula functional as said by surgeon and dialysis technician.

* Never keep your head on dialysis arm while sleeping.

* Never allow to take blood from dialysis arm through syringe for blood tests. But a technician can take blood through dialysis needle when needed.

* Never allow to check BP on dialysis arm.

* Avoid carrying heavy weight things with your dialysis arm.

* Try to maintain good blood pressure, low blood pressure can spoil your AV fistula.

* Make sure with your dialysis technician that no residual blood clot is present in your dialysis arm after dialysis.

* Do not wear tight wrist watch and avoid wearing tight clothes. Wear comfortable clothes.


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