Improving the degree of freedom in Chronic Illness.

Posted On Jul 29, 2022 |

Successful management of chronic illness requires an integrated approach with active involvement of the patient, family and healthcare professionals.

When an individual come to know about any chronic illness, he/she used to start feeling about the limitations on the freedom factors related to Physical activities, Diet and Travelling.

Practically it's a change in mindset for a short period of time, which appears like a big psychological burden.

Patients can tackle this psychological pressure by managing the following basic requirements:

1. Diet Management

Restricted or Suggested eating particulars, could be interesting if taken within the prescribed amount and category. Changes could be done with the help of dietician.

2. Travel Management

Travelling out stations is a major issue. In case of chronic illness, travelling anywhere is possible if the patient manages to arrange the medical requirements in advance.

3. Physical Activity Management: Continuous and seamless blood flow in our body is so important to run all organs efficiently. Light breathing exercises and light stretching exercises are advised to the chronically suffered patients.

4. Time-Work Management: Working could be possible if the patient manages the treatment according to office hours. In case of kidney patients, nocturnal dialysis is becoming common among the working class, in which they can avail the facility at night at the dialysis centre.

Small efforts from patients and family members can definitely eradicate the factors responsible for psychological health depletion.

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