Key Things to Monitor after Kidney Transplant

Posted On Sep 08, 2022 |

A kidney Transplant is the best option to get rid of chronic kidney disease. It's essential to take care of different parameters to make a kidney transplant successful. Family and patient must maintain a balanced and appropriate lifestyle to go ahead for a long time. Lagging in any of the parameters may lead to an unavoidable situation. No kidney transplant patient wants to live those painful days of dialysis and other related issues.

Maintaining a certain and safe weight after a kidney transplant is very important for the patient to fight against high BP, high cholesterol, palpitations, and diabetic (sometimes)

1. Regular comfortable walk without any exertion.

2. Avoid deep-fried dishes in your meal.

3. Add green vegetables to your regular diet.

4. Add a fiber-rich diet to control weight.

5. Practice light yoga exercises as suggested by the nephrologist.

High BP is a major cause of Kidney disease, so it's very important to take care of it after a kidney transplant to avoid previous painful conditions. It could be controlled effectively by following steps:

1. Proper and appropriate medication for it if seen post-transplant.

2. Maintain a good level of hemoglobin as per normal range.

3. Drink sufficient water without skipping it.

4. Reduce common salt intake in meals. Don't sprinkle extra salt on raw fruits, salads, and cooked food.

5. Special care must be taken by the patient in the winter season, to maintain the BP.

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