Preparations before kidney transplant

Posted On Aug 20, 2022 |

How to prepare better before a kidney transplant

Take OPD appointment with the nephrologist in advance of your choice after detailed enquiry done by you regarding doctor and the hospital he operates at.

If you are planning a transplant in another city make sure travel tickets are available as per your convenience.

Find a neat and clean accommodation nearby the hospital for staying around two to three months for out station transplant.

Make enough financial arrangements, keep handy health insurance documents if any. Talk to hospital regarding the estimated value of kidney transplant in that particular hospital chosen by you.

Once basic arrangements done concentrate on patient + donor health and care for before and after a transplant.

It is very important to keep away from any kind of infection. Even a mild cold or cough can be risky.

Patient and donor will require blood during the surgery, arrange and identify blood donors in advance. Talk to your medical team regarding the number of required units of blood.

In case of living donor, make sure that the donor follows all protocols and stays healthy, takes medicines on time. Same with patient.

Make sure patient and donor don't have any blood transfusions before surgery as that will mess up the tissue match.

All legal papers required, must be arranged in well advance as suggested by the medical team. Do not use forged documents, it will increase your problems.

Take proper medications and care as prescribed by the nephrologist to avoid any kind of postponement of surgery.

Prepare for longer hospital stay.

Keep mind positive and that is half battle won.

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