Coping up from psychological damages in chronic illness.

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First of all acceptance of the disease makes life little easy for the patient, many things become predictable for him. Facing the disease and taking appropriate treatment with double power can make life happy. Methods to bring out from psychological issues in chronic illness:

A. Physical Activities: Patients who are seeking for getting away from depression, anxiety and stressful life in chronic illness, physical activities are very important for them.

Physical fitness is very important for people facing chronic illness like chronic kidney disease and on dialysis. Patients do enjoy the benefits of greater strength and better feeling. Exercise will keep the body stress free and healthy.

Patients who decide to follow exercise program are having more positive energy.

1. Walk atleast half a kilometres daily, or the minimum one can walk effortlessly.

2. Stretching exercises to enable blood flow in the body smoothly.

3. Yoga mudra as prescribed by any active practitioner and suitable for kidney patients.

4. Light yoga exercises

अनुलोम विलोम, भ्रामरी प्राणायम, उद्गीत प्राणायम

B. Reading books: Patients suffering from anxiety, depression in any chronic illness may prefer to read books from their interest of readings. It will help to eliminate the negative thoughts from the mind.

C. Listening to favourite music: Music can do miracles in the life of a patient facing chronic illness. It can improve the quality of thoughts and can give a new dimension to see life in adverse conditions.

Suggested song from the writer:

आने वाला पल जाने वाला है (फिल्म- गोलमाल)

D. Consistent communication with people facing similar issues and your caregiver:

Patients should build a strong communication with people facing similar issues and the caregiver either at home or hospital. Picking up the favourable suggestions would be fruitful.

E. Create and indulge in new hobbies: The motive of creating new hobbies and get into is to forget the reasons of your anxiety, depression and stress. Gradually you will notice that the activities adopted for hobbies will dominate the anxiety and depression. Hobbies could be anything, whatever you wanted to do in your childhood. Bring your inner child out and keep it active as much as possible.

Chronic illness is a part of life, not the whole life. Apart from treatment and medication one can devote the rest of the time in different activities to feel better than best.

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