Innovation in Compact Dialysis Machine.

Posted On Jul 14, 2022 |

Quanta Dialysis Technologies has won innovation award 2022 for the SC+ Hemodialysis system.

The incidence and problem of kidney failure are increasing, attributable to an ageing population and the increased occurrence of denoting conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. Most patients who experience kidney failure receive life saving dialysis , usually 3 times a week in a facility with a hemodialysis machine. Patients may also perform hemodialysis at home with a trained care partner. 

Royal Academy of Engineering has chosen a new innovation for an award in 2022, in the field related to renal sciences. A compact and cost effective dialysis machine different from the big conventional one. SC+ hemodialysis system has been innovated by Quanta Dialysis Technologies. It is 32 Kg in weight, able to seamlessly blend into the hospital, clinic or home. Inspired by mechanism and technology used in fruit juice dispensers. 

Their proprietary disposable cartridge generates dialysate on demand. Eliminating the need for disinfection and descaling after each treatment. 

Reduction of cross contamination and risk of infection. They are ensuring optimal clinical outcomes with best-in - class fluid accuracy.

Due to its compact size, it could increase the capacity of attending patients at a time in a facility at hospital or clinic especially places where home dialysis is not so common.


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