Preparations after a kidney transplant

Posted On Aug 20, 2022 |

Things to do after a kidney transpant

Arrangements for a separate room for kidney recipient and donor with separate toilet access.

Room must be kept sterile and away from any construction site to avoid dust and pollution.

Transplant recipients need clean drinking water, ideally boiled and filtered.

Make sure that sufficient stock of medicines are handy. Especially immunosuppressives as prescribed by the nephrologist.

Keeping the operated/ graft area clean. Stay safe from any injury, so no furniture should be in the room having sharp corners.

Mandatory mask up for avoiding infection.

Emergency contact number should be in reach everytime.

Even a mild fever or cough should be reported to Nephrologist.

Proper diet chart should be taken from renal dietician during hospital stay and make sure to follow that.

Identify a nephrologist in your city if the operation has been done outside of your city.

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